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An opportunity exists for three first class honours, post graduate students in areas covering the following 
disciplines: physics, mathematics, electrical or electronic engineering,  mechanical engineering,  
microbiology, biochemistry, physical sciences or control, to win a scholarship in the Lasers and Optical 
Systems Engineering Group (LOSEG) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Glasgow 
University, Scotland.  The value of each scholarship is £7,000 per annum for three years.

The interested student is asked to forward their CV via e-mail to Irene Tait (gnme04 at as 
soon as possible. Please consult the list of research activities below, identify your area of interest and in no 
more than 100 words indicate what research you would like to pursue in this area.  

These places must be quickly filled, so you are advised to respond immediately.

If you obtain a reply, you will be asked to forward a hard copy of your CV and, if necessary, answer 
further questions. However, if you do not receive this notification, I thank you in advance for your time in 
sending your CV and if any such opportunities arise in the near future for which you are suitably qualified 
you will be informed.

A brief list of our current research activities and possible areas to work in include:

*	Fibre optic sensors
*	Laser applications in microbiology
*	Analysis of properties of sol-gels and their applications
*	Modelling lasers: gas discharges, solid state, resonators, pumping circuits
*	Material processing: marking, welding, drilling cutting
*	Simulation of laser/material interactions
*	Laser metrology
*	Optical processing and computing
*	Chaos in laser/material interactions
*	Optical filters:  non-linear optimisation using genetic algorithms, wavelet filters
*	Holography in photorefractive materials
*	High voltage switching/pulse power
*	Instrumentation and signal processing
*	Artificial intelligence
*	Knowledge based system and control

Dr Ian A Watson, Dr Chris R Chatwin, Dr D W McDonald

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