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Tue Oct 11 06:45:32 EST 1994

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> I am trying to get information about picture analysis programmes for Mac.
> I have come across one programme called Optilab-Pro, but it is very
> expensive and has a lot of functions that I do not need.

Image should do particle counting with thresholds of certain sizes. Image
is very good and would be a good commercial is a brilliant
free package! That said I use Optilab as Image still doesn't handle 24 bit
colour which is what I need for histology. You are right it is far too
expensive and it  can be difficult to do some really basic things with it.

Image should do what you have asked I don't use it regularly so can't be
more specific but I remember doing just this to differentially count cells
according to size.
Image will also accept Photoshop plug-ins so can be used to drive most
scanners, grabber boards etc...

I have passed your message on to a friend who I hope may be able to
help...good luck!

Live forever or die trying

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