Cell Image Analysis

orly at vms.huji.ac.il orly at vms.huji.ac.il
Tue Oct 11 08:00:47 EST 1994

   I'm interested in quantitation of protein expression in
tissue slices & cell cultures using immunofluorescent probes. The
protein in question is a mitichondrial membrane protein.
My method consists of a fluorescent microscope + CCD and image
processing & analysis software (IPPlus for MS-Windows ver. 1.1)

   I'm having trouble segmenting (separating from the background)
the mitochondria - a high error margin due to artifacts, clustered
cells etc.

    If anyone out there is familiar with this type of work-  namely
quantitative immunofluorescent microscopy, and can recommend techniques
or publications in which these techniques appear, her/his input
would be most welcome.

1) Tell me about the NIH Image (seems like an automatic response here
for people with image-analysis problems). Not suitable for my platform,
and I'm satisfied with what I've got, softwarewise.
2) Tell me about Methods in Cell Biology Vols. 29&30. I've read them.
Would like info besides.

                                    Thanks in advance,
                                          Iddo Friedberg

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