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Iain Wilson iwilson at
Tue Oct 11 15:39:58 EST 1994

In article <1994Oct7.173455.28243 at>, misiak at says:
>I'm trying to find E-mail addresses of several people working with ratioable
>ionic dyes:
>M.D. Fricker (Univ. of Oxford?) or M.R. Blatt,
>Anneke Wiltink or Arnoud van der Laarse,
>G. Grynkiewicz
>Could somebody help me, please. Thanx
>Grazyna Tokarczyk
>Dept of Oceanography
>Dalhousie University
>Halifax N.S. B3H2Z9 
>Misiak at 

In the Oxford e-mail directory (searchable by gopher or WWW, as well as in 
hard copy at the back of the univ. 'phone book) there is a Mark D. Fricker listed:
mark.fricker at

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