the Dictionary of Cell Biology on WWW!

Julian Dow GBAA02 at
Sat Oct 8 06:46:35 EST 1994

I have set up a WWW server for the Dictionary of Cell Biology, published by
Academic Press. I have persuaded the publishers to release this online as
an experiment, and I have set up the search engine.

The idea is that occasional users can get rapid, brief definitions of cell
biological terms they come across in the literature, although I would
expect that it'll still be quicker and easier for regular users to get the
In exchange, we will get early warning of new terms that we should include
in the Dictionary by logging all searches. And we've made it especially
easy for you to enter your own definitions! That way, I'm hoping the
Dictionary will take on an Internet existence of its own.

Before formally releasing it, I'm putting the server up temporarily for a
few days, to see if it's robust enough! PLEASE try it out and give me any
You'll need a "forms aware" WWW client (eg. Mosaic of MacWeb versions 2
Choose "File" -> "open URL" and type

This is my own desktop Mac, so this will only be available till Wednesday
12th October this time round. PLEASE DON'T "LINK IT IN" as this is (I
hope!) unlikely to be the final IP address for this server!

Hope you like it!

Any problems/feedback? Please email me on gbaa02 at

 - Julian Dow

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