What is F12K media?

aeschba at fmi.ch aeschba at fmi.ch
Wed Oct 12 10:33:22 EST 1994

Dear netters,

I try to start the CRL-1730 umbilical cord endothelial cell line from ATCC. The 
media ATCC proposes, is F12 K + supplements. I was not able to find out just 
what kind of media F12 K is. Does anybody know what other media would work?
had tried Dulbecco's MEM/F12 with L-Glutamine and Hepes from Gibco as the basis, 
but the cells did not start to divide. I'm not sure now if the cells were simply 
dead, but the media otherwise would have been o.k. Before I waste another 
precious ATCC sample, I'd like therefore to ask what media would be best for 
this type of culture?
Thank you very much for your help.

R. Aeschbacher
c/o Ciba
Basel				E-mail: aeschba at fmi.ch

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