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<<Can anyone suggest a good animal (non-human) cell line that grows as a
suspension without the need for a CO2 incubator?  I am looking for
something that undergraduates with good sterile technique could work with.


It isn't the cell line, it is the media.  Typical cell culture media are
bicarbonate buffered, and therefore require CO2 incubators.  Non-CO2 media
are buffered with something else such as HEPES, Tris, PO4, etc.  There are
several non-CO2 media including Liebovitz (sp?) and the "CO2-Independent
Medium" from Life Technologies (GIBCO BRL).  I suggest you give the Life
Technologies folks a call at (800) 828-6686 1,2,2 and talk to the cell
culture TechLine.  They can give you info on both the media and also
suggest some cell lines and sources such as ATCC.

Brian D. Karger, Ph.D.

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