Bioreactors for cell and organ culture

Marc Brande brande at SDSC.EDU
Thu Oct 13 11:40:08 EST 1994

Try Neal Pellis, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston and
also NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston. They developed the device you
mentioned. I had Neal as a graduate instructor in immunology.

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On 13 Oct 1994 hdawkins at wrote:

> We are searching for an instument (bioreactor) that is used for culturing cells
> and cell clumps into rudimentary organs in-vitro.  One device we believe exists
> has a rotating chamber, the shear forces are low and keep the cells suspended to
> permit organogensis to be studied.
> Any ideas about Manufacturer's, price and availability
> Thaks for any help
> Hugh Dawkins
> hdawkins at

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