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Klaus Beschmann KB at
Thu Oct 13 16:22:00 EST 1994

Bill Scholz wrote:

> Can anyone suggest a good animal (non-human) cell line that grows as a
> suspension without the need for a CO2 incubator?  I am looking for
> something that undergraduates with good sterile technique could work with.
> Thanks.

Hy Bill,

how about any transformed lymphocyte T-cell line? As I remember  
lymphocytes grow very well in L15 media (supplemented with HEPES,  
glutamine, penicilline/streptomycine, and fetal calf serum) without any  
CO2-incubation. Concerning to the cell line lymphocytes grow rather rapid  
(the cell lines I have once worked with - long ago- doubled cell count  
within 1 to 2 days).

Hope I could help,
Heike Beschmann

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