Bioreactors for cell and organ culture

Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sat Oct 15 16:58:12 EST 1994

Dear Hugh,
Don't know of such a bioreactor, but the concept of a fluidized bed might
be ideal for organogenesis.
Best regards, -Dick Gordon, U. Manitoba[Oct15,94]

On 13 Oct 1994 hdawkins at wrote:

We are searching for an instument (bioreactor) that is used for culturing
and cell clumps into rudimentary organs in-vitro.  One device we believe
has a rotating chamber, the shear forces are low and keep the cells suspended
permit organogensis to be studied.

Any ideas about Manufacturer's, price and availability

Thaks for any help

Hugh Dawkins
hdawkins at

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