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Dr. Dennis Goode GOODE at ZOOL.UMD.EDU
Wed Oct 19 15:51:05 EST 1994

 nls at SAVVY.COM (Nassau Library System) asks:
> Can anyone,
> provide me with any information on islet cell transplant as a treatment 
> for diabetics?
> much appreciated.
> Ana < nls at savvy.com >

Islet cell transplants have been tried, but they are attacked by 
the immune system. Immunosuppression can be used, but that has 
serious problems. To get around this problem, microencapsulated 
islet cells have been developed. These capsules or hollow fibers let 
small molecules like glucose in and small proteins like insulin out 
but block passage of large proteins like antibodies. This looks very 
promising, because the cells respond like a normal islet to glucose 
and the technology to do this type of therapy is currently available. 
See Lacy et al., Science 254:1782 for a good reference to start from.


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