Transfektion of HL60 and TR146-cells

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Thu Oct 20 14:56:04 EST 1994

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> I have some problems with the transfektion of the HL60 and TR146 cell lines.
> I have tested the DEAE-Dextran and now i want to elektroporate them.
> If there is anybody who has any tips about the Paramater or so, please
> call me back.
> My e-mail is: Rautenb at wwupop.uni-mîì

I think it is very difficult to transfect plasmid DNA into myeloid cells.
I tried to transfect some reorter plsamids into HL-60 cells using
DEAE-Dextran, electropolation etc. In all the cases, I could not avoid the
problem. It is that if DNA got into the cells succesfully, cells go to

Especially, transient assay is very difficult. It is better to try to make
stable cell line.

Hiro Nakamura
Nippon-jin in the UK / Bukimi-kun

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