Stephen Zatuchni x93dxq5b at dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu
Thu Oct 20 07:10:32 EST 1994

I have been asked to do research which involves my gaining a limited
understanding of virology, specifically: rabies (diagnosis and vectors
primarily in cats and dogs, raccoons and wolves, deer and squirrels);
filoviruses (including a morphological comparison with rabies);
retroviruses; "non-clinical" viruses, inter-species transmission; and,
rates and frequency of viral mutation.

A contemporary (i.e., post-1992) handbook would be ideal. The source has
to be academically first-rate. I have access to medical, university and
public libraries.

I would also appreciate being able to speak or communicate with an
individual who has experience in the above-mentioned areas. There is no
payment, a non-disclosure form may--at some future point--be required, and
acknowledgement or anonymity will be at the request of the individual
after the individual has been provided with a draft copy of the completed

Thanks in advance for the guidance.

Stephen B. Zatuchni, Ph.D.

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