Microtubes Available for Research

Fri Oct 21 14:27:01 EST 1994

To: Cell-Biology Researchers

Microtubes made from glass have been available for a long
time, and are widely used.

We are now able to make microtubes from other materials,
including metals, ceramics and polymers. For example, if
you needed an electrically-conductive microtube, we could
make one. Or, if you needed a microtube from a polymer that
permits the diffusion of oxygen, we could try and fabricate
such an item.

These microtubes are a spinoff from an Air Force project.
The internal diameters of the tubes range from 2-100 microns.
Lengths range from 0.5-4 cm. We might be able to make other
dimensions, if there's a specific need.

Please be aware that it takes us some effort to produce these
microtubes! However, if you have a serious enquiry and feel that
such items might benefit your research, talk to us.

Finally, we are also working on other micro-technology, including
micro-manipulators. Can you pick up a bacterium? Maybe. And possibly
you can do more than just that!

Contact me by e-mail if you're interested.

Pete Pollock  PhD               pollockp at lablink.ple.af.mil
Research Scientist
Air Force Phillips Laboratory

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