HELP! Interesting molecular transport argument...

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Wed Oct 26 10:39:02 EST 1994

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> Keith Robison (robison1 at wrote:

> : Of course, this is all hypothetical.  After all, there aren't any
> : oxygen storage proteins in nature, are there? :-)

> 	What about hemoglobin?!
> 	Jason

It's so cute when their little lightbulb goes on, istn't it Kieth?

Add myoglobin to your list jason.  And, take a look at the dissociation 
constants of O2 for the two proteins, then think about Kieth's suggestion to 
solve the equations.  If you want another hint, take a look at the Kds of O2 
for fetal and adult hemoglobin.

By the way, improving transport of the O2 from the blood to the mitochondria 
will not help if the oxygen carrying potential of the blood is limitting.  
There are people who live in low-oxygen atmospheres all the time and their 
bodies' soltions to the problem may give you some hints.  you may have to 
make some more radical modifications to facilitate transfer, but it should 
give you some ideas.



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