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> >It's so cute when their little lightbulb goes on, istn't it Kieth?
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> My, aren't we condescending; wouldn't it be a shame if reactions like
> these stopped students from asking questions on the 'net?
> Angie Kantola
> Grad Student, Biochemistry

My apologies.  I did not intend it as condescending...I genuinely thought it 
was cute.  It was the way it was said (written) with those exclaimations and 
question marks after it.  
It is a normal trait of people that when idea occurs to them, it is a brand-new 
idea.  It is the pleasure of teaching to see what is an old, tired idea to you 
as a suddenly brand-new one in the eyes of a student.  I can see where my 
comment could be construed as you did.  And I am sorry.  
Students such as yourself and jason certainly should ask questions on the net. 


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