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        We have the following used equipment available for sale

        as a result of a consolidation in our cardio-vascular

        research activities and imaging operations.   Our

        asking prices represent approximately 10%-30% of the

        original manufacturers selling price.  

                         EQUIPMENT LIST


BIOSOUND ND-256-8 Duplex ultrasound for vascular imaging and doppler analysis.  

8.0/6.0 Mhz imaging/doppler probe.  Excellent high resolution imaging and ultra

sensitive doppler for vascular applications.  These units have 8-bit 

processor giving 256 tone grey scale imaging resolution.  (2) units available

in the vascular configuration and (1) unit with vasc. and echocardiography

capability. (ie. with 2.25 and 3.5 Mhz probes)  Comes with Panasonic AG-6300

VTR and Mitsubishi P-60 or line scan recorder.

#1)  PRICE      $6,500.00  ($7,500.00 with 2.25/3.5 and 8-Mhz)

DIASONICS DRF-400 with 3.5 Mhz GP/M imaging probe and 7.5 Mhz SP/C small parts/

vascular probe.  Has doppler for vascular applications and both vasc and OB/GYN

calculations software.  Includes SONY Model VO-5600 high resolution VCR and 

Model 1020 multi-format imager.  General purpose and vascular ultrasound. (1)

#2)  PRICE      $6,500.00

DIASONICS DRF-400 with 3.5 Mhz GP/M, 7.5 Mhz SP/C and 10.0 Mhz SP/C imaging

probes. Includes vascular and OB/GYN software and doppler for vascular work.

#3)  PRICE      $5,500.00

ATL MK-300IC General purpose ultrasound and echocardiography unit with 860C 

(6-Bit), 820 M-Mode, Panasonic VTR (OPT.) and Line scan recorder. With

3.0 Mhz Model 722A and 5.0 Mhz Model 720A imaging probes.  

#4)  PRICE      $2,500.00

ATL MK-III General purpose abdominal and echocardiography unit with 850A, 

600B and 315A.  With 3.0 Mhz or 5.0 Mhz imaging probe.  Good inexpensive

system for Veterinary medicine or animal research projects.

#5)  PRICE      $1,250.00

ATL TRANSDUCERS for MK-300, MK-500 and MK-600 series. Have models 720A, 722A,

723A, etc.    #6) PRICE $350.00/650.00 depending on model

IREX SYSTEM II M-Mode echocardiography unit with three channels of physiologic

recording of EKG, Pulse wave form and heart sounds. With all transducers.

#7)  PRICE      $500.00

PARKS MODEL 1028 Doppler unit with probe and PPG. Vascular doppler unit.

#8)  PRICE      $450.00

MEDASONICS MODEL FP-3 Doppler fetal heart beat stethoscope with SA-3 speaker. 

#9)  PRICE      $300.00 EACH (2) units available

ACCESSORY ITEMS  VTR Recorders, printers, multi-format cameras, etc.  

                 Many unlisted items available.

                         ULTRAMED, INC.
                      EQUIPMENT LIST Page 2


DELMAR AVIONICS HOLTER SYSTEM Model 9500 with 9540, 9520 and (8) Model 449B

Holter recorders.  Comes with and extensive inventory of accessories.  This is

a full feature SUPER IMPOSITION scanner capable of full commercial scanning. 

#10)  PRICE     $3,500.00

SPACELABS MODEL 90101 Full disclosure Holter monitor with (1) A.E. Model 3000

recorder.  An inexpensive starter system.

#11)  PRICE     $1,200.00

CIRCADIAN CT-1/PF-1 Pulmonary function tester with recorder.

#12)  PRICE     $375.00

CAMBRIDGE MODEL CM-3000 3 channel 12 lead EKG. (2) Units in stock.

#13)  PRICE     $1,000.00 -and- $1,250.00

CAMBRIDGE "OBSERVER" Stress test monitor with CM-3000 12 Lead ECG and

CM-3400 monitor with heart rate meter. (no tread mill)

#14)  PRICE     $2,000.00

CAMBRIDGE MODEL 3038 3 channel 12 lead EKG.

#15)  PRICE     $650.00

CAMBRIDGE MODEL VS-550 single channel EKG with cart.

#16)  PRICE     $550.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD MODEL 1505A 3 Channel 12 lead EKG.  Battery or AC operation.

#17)  PRICE     $750.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD MODEL 78342A Monitor with ECG, Pressure and Temperature

inputs.      #18) PRICE    $750.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD MODEL 78619 Defibrillator.  Battery operated with A.C. charger.

#19)  PRICE     $900.00  (includes pediatric & internal paddles)

TEKTRONIX MODEL 414 Patient monitor with EKG, Temperature  and Pressure input. 

#20)  PRICE     $375.00  ($450.00 with PULSE input)

DATASCOPE ACCUTOR I Non-invasive blood pressure monitor with recorder.

#21)  PRICE      $650.00

BARD-SENTRON Automatic blood pressure monitor. N.I.B.P.

#22)  PRICE     $550.00

PARAMED MODEL 9300 N.I.B.P. monitor designed to be used during stress testing. 

Has built in recorder.    #23)  PRICE    $650.00

AEQUINTRON MODEL 9216 Respiration and heart rate monitor with alarms.

#24)  PRICE     $375.00

TRAVERSE MODEL 2000 Capnometer CO2 monitor.

#25)  PRICE     $325.00

TEKTRONIX MODEL 408 Patient monitor. Battery or ac operation.

#26)  PRICE     $300.00

MENNEN-GREATBATCH 936S Defibrillator with monitor.  

#27)  PRICE     $600.00

                         ULTRAMED, INC.

                      EQUIPMENT LIST PAGE 3


TECA MODEL TE-4 ELECTROMYOGRAPH With Textronix 5111 storage scope, recorder

and stimulator. (2) channels on record.   #28)  PRICE   $1,250.00

GRASS MODEL 7C POLYGRAPH (4) Channel physiological recorder.

#29)  PRICE     $1,200.00 (with transducers & accessory items)

CRITIKON-DINAMAPP 847 XT N.I.B.P.  Neonate pressure monitor.  SOLD ONLY

FOR research applications on small animals or vet medicine.

#30)  PRICE     $200.00 AS-IS untested needs hose and cuff.

MENNEN-GREATBATCH DC Synchronous defibrillator.  #31)  PRICE   $600.00

BIRTCHER MODEL 339 Single channel EKG.  Good inexpensive unit for Vet. Med.

#32)  PRICE     $325.00

BAUSCH-&-LOMB 'SPECTRONIC 20' Spectrophotometer 

#33)  PRICE     $275.00

BAUM BLOOD PRESSURE Manometers.  Wall mount kits. #34) PRICE $45.00 EACH

GRASON-STADLER MODEL 1704 Clinical audiometer.  Complete with accessories and

manuals.    #35)  PRICE         $650.00

TRACOR ARJ4A Screening audiometer.     #36)  PRICE      $250.00


SORVAL GLC-3 CENTRIFUGE  The industry standard laboratory centrifuge.

With HL-4 Rotor and (4) Dupont PN 00565 (6) place tube holders.

#38)  PRICE     $600.00  

CLAY-ADAMS DYNAC General purpose centrifuge.  (24) place rotor and (24)

Stainless Steel holders for 12/15 ML tubes.  #39)  PRICE   $650.00


#40)  PRICE     $125.00/$175.00

ATL / SCHIFF MODEL 160 Multiformat camera 6 -on- 1 format. (2) units

#41)  PRICE     $450.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD 78200 SERIES Monitors. Have pressure, temp and respiration. VET

USE ONLY.    #42) PRICE         $50.00/$200.00

LABCONCO MODEL 75035 Bench top FREEZE DRYER (Vacum pump required).

#43)  PRICE     $850.00

BRANSON SONIFIER Cell disruptor complete with a variety of tips.

#44)  PRICE     $650.00

NOVAMETRIX TCOMETTE TcPO2 Monitor (2) units.  #45)  PRICE  $250.00 EACH


3400.      #46)  PRICE  $1,200.00 for complete lot

                         ULTRAMED, INC.

                      EQUIPMENT LIST PAGE 4

                            List 1094


CPT WORD PROCESSORS Model 8535 with Rotary VIII printers. Complete sets with

manuals.  Original cost $11,000. each. About (18) sets available.    

Best offer in area of $50.00 EACH will take the LOT.

CPT PHOENIX JR. Word Processors with Rotary IX printers. (4) available.


IBM DISPLAYWRITERS with IBM 5218 A03 Printers, and Tutorial manuals. (3) Units

XEROX ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LAB (4) 1108/1109 Workstations with 42 M/byte

hard drive and 1.5 meg ram.  These units use LISP language for artificial 

intelligence applications. The complete system also provides a 'like new'

XEROX Model 8044 LASER printer with Mdl 8000 print server.  The system is

in excellent operating condition and also does DESKTOP PUBLISHING.  

$1,500.00 -or- BEST OFFER.  


0/110 Mhz) and Model 8556A (RF 0/300 Khz).     PRICE  $1,250.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD MODEL 1615A Logic Analyzer complete with probes and manuals.

PRICE   $375.00

RADIO FREQUENCY LAB Including POLARAD Model SA-84WA Spectrum Analyzer, 

SINGER Models FM-10CS and FM-10 Communications monitors/analyzers, HP 612,

Anritsu FS meter,  Stoddart F.S. meter,  and more.  Call for quote.

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 9825-T computers/instrument controllers $200.00 EACH.

IBM XT, PC, and AT COMPUTERS A wide variety of quality computing hardware available.

MISCELLANEOUS  We have literally TONS of electronics equipment including meters,

test gear, parts, computers, medical equipment parts, medical supply items, etc.


                         ULTRAMED,  INC.

                         ac 313 884-1139

     Prices are as shown and in many cases are as low as ten percent of

original manufacturers selling price.  In other words a DRF-400 ultrasound

system that sold new for $65,000. would be sold by us for $6500.00.  Some

items may be higher or lower than this illustration.    Quantity discounts

will be negotiated.

     The equipment is all set up and operating at our facility and we would

welcome your visit and inspection of any items of interest.   We have

many items that may not be included on the list so be sure to mention any

items you may be looking for.   All equipment is USED unless noted.

     If you have any questions or to receive a firm quote please call or

contact me via the INTERNET at  'ad408 at detroit.freenet.org ' or via

commercial carrier at  'gillyboy at aol.com '.

     All equipment is offered subject to prior sale, F.O.B., Detroit, MI

     and subject to all terms and conditions itemized in 'ULTRAMED, INC.

     AGREEMENT OF SALE & RELEASE'.  Your inspection of equipment is

     welcome and recommended.  Visits are scheduled by appointment only.   



Gil Groehn, General Manager

ac 313  884-1139


Gil Groehn, General Manager		ULTRAMED, INC.
ac 313  884-1139			Grosse Pointe Farms
>>> ad408 at detroit.freenet.org <<<	MI 48236-3406  USA

Gil Groehn, General Manager		ULTRAMED, INC.
ac 313  884-1139			Grosse Pointe Farms
>>> ad408 at detroit.freenet.org <<<	MI 48236-3406  USA

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