HELP! Interesting molecular transport argument...

Angeline Kantola kantola at
Fri Oct 28 16:04:03 EST 1994

In article <38pbpv$ndd at>,  <anthonyp at> wrote:
>My apologies.  I did not intend it as condescending...I genuinely thought it 
>was cute.  It was the way it was said (written) with those exclaimations and 
>question marks after it.  

Accepted. You have to admit that a description like 'cute' doesn't have
particularly professional connotations (although some folks in my lab will
describe a particularly clever experiment as cute...I've never heard that
anywhere else...)

>It is the pleasure of teaching to see what is an old, tired idea to you 
>as a suddenly brand-new one in the eyes of a student. 


Angie Kantola

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