Bringing frozen cells into US from abroad

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Tue Sep 6 16:17:28 EST 1994

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> Dear Faculty,
>         An investigator from Israel [...] needs to bring frozen T cell 
> with her and needs advice about getting these cells past U.S. customs. 
> anyone had experience in this matter? 
>         Thanks
>         Wayne Streilein

I have some experience with this.  Assuming the cells are not expressing 
some nasty virus, the major concern the US government has is with the 
type of serum you are using and the potential for  Hoof-and-mouth 
disease.  It is USDA that you need to appease.  The easiest thing is for 
the clones to have been grown only in serum from a US producer, or 
produced in the US, more correctly. 
I have imported human cells from europe.  Feel free to contact me by 
e-mail if you would like more info.


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