Mac software for picture analysis

Viggo Lindahl viggo.lindahl at
Fri Sep 9 09:58:25 EST 1994

I am trying to get information about picture analysis programmes for Mac.
I have come across one programme called Optilab-Pro, but it is very
expensive and has a lot of functions that I do not need.
What I basically need is a programme for analysis of pictures from the
electron microscope (Scanning). We have a programme for the transfer of
pictures to a PC (it works very well), but I need a programme for
analysis of particle size distribution with a possibility to cut off
"backround"-particles of a certain size (that is, only particles of a
certain size still visible for analysis after cut-off). 
I have downloaded the freeware programme "NIH Image", but this programme
only has the possibility to discriminate objects from surrounding
background based on their grey values (as far as I understand).
Any information about Mac software for such picture analysis will be of
great help.

Dr. Viggo Lindahl
Dept. of Biotechnological Sciences
Agricultural University of Norway
Email: viggo.lindahl at

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