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Sat Sep 17 05:24:23 EST 1994

In article <pataky-150994135512 at>, Dave Pataky 

> Hey!
> Anyone out there in tissue culture- or histology land ever hear of 
> company called Bellco?  They were cited in a paper as the suppliers 
> coverslips with a 0.6x0.6mm grid etched into them, ideal for 
counting cells
> etc.  If anyone knows the phone number of Bellco or anyone else who 
> etched coverslips I would be eternally grateful for the information. 

Never heard of Bellco, but Eppendorf make etched coverslips called 
Cellocate. They're OK, but the quality of the etching on individual 
slips is variable and sometimes very difficult to see under phase 


Peter Mulderry, 
Edinburgh, Scotland.
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