ccd usability range, intracell.Na+

misiak at misiak at
Wed Sep 21 09:27:27 EST 1994

I am using a Videoscope CCD+image intensifier for cell sodium concentration 
studies. I'm having problems with finding the "usability window" for the
camera at low light (the technique implies photographing fluorescence of 
SBFI, a fluorescent sodium dye at 2 wavelengths in uv - very much like in the 
case of FURA2 for Ca++). THe camera's response is not linear at these light
levels, and I'm concerned, that I may be introducing bias in the 340/380
nm ratios with camera settings. Could someone please advise me on the most
efficient way of defining the useful range of the camera...
Grazyna Tokarczyk
Dept of Oceanography
Dalhousie Univ.
misiak at

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