FACS for microtubules

Sat Sep 24 14:11:16 EST 1994

I have a bacterial toxin which appears to be desrupting human neutrophil
structure very dramatically without killing the cell, and would like to
quantitate microtubule number in these PMN.

I have a primary antibody to alpha-tubulin (Amersham), an appropriate
FITC-tagged secondary antibody, and a method for cell permeabilization.

Is this a feasible idea? Does anyone have any personal experience with
doing this in any cell type?  Is colchicine a good positive control?

Thank you,


Gail W. Sullivan                e-mail: gws3u at virginia.edu
University of Virginia
Internal Medicine-Infectious Disease
Box 385 MR-4 annex
Charlottesville, VA 22908

Research interest: Phagocyte physiology

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