Walter vanHeumen W.vanHeumen at vthrc.uq.edu.au
Tue Sep 27 02:26:07 EST 1994

troberts at eosin.path.uwa.au wrote:
>Are there any Netters out there that have used the new Biocell resin called
>Unicryl for demonstrating antigen antibody reactions.If they have have they
>can they tell me if they had problems using FITC immunofluorescence or
>immunoperoxidase to demonstrate antigens at the light microscope level. I can
>demonstrate antigens with immunogold methods for TEM but cannot get it to work
>at the LM level.

I have used Unicryl a few times but wasn't too happy with it. Quit often I
had problems with polimerisation and the (ultra)structure wasn't as good as
I want it to be. I wouldn't recommend it.
It is a bit unusual that you only get staining at the EM-level and not at
the LM-level. 'Normally' it's the other way around. But why not simply cut
semithin sections of the blocks that work for EM and stain them using your
normal protocols using a peroxidase or FITC-labeled secondary antibody? You
could even use your immunogold method and intensify the gold labeling with
silver. I've done that a couple of times in the past with very satisfactiry
results. BioCell sells an intensifying kit that is very easy to use,gives
no background when properly used, is very reliable and has a long shelf
life (no, I don't have shares, I just like the product).

If you need more specific info, feel free to e-mail me

Best wishes,

Walter van Heumen
W.vanHeumen at vthrc.uq.edu.au

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