Cryopreservation of amphibian eggs/embryos

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**There doesn't seem to be much research in the journals about how to
eggs and embryos in nonmammals. **

You're right. I've been working with Xenopus for years, and I haven't
heard of any method for cryopreservation for these large, yolk-laden eggs
and embryos. I imagine that it's very difficult, if not impossible.  I
know that even histology with frozen sections is technically challenging,
because of the large cell size and yolk content. You might try
flash-freezing single eggs or embryos in small volumes (5 ul) of salt
solutions, perhaps with a little DMSO. I'd imagine that after thawing,
presuming that the egg or embryo remained intact, you'd have to soak the
DMSO out carefully. I'd bet it doesn't work.

Don Newmeyer
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology 

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