Questions for micrscope users

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Mon Apr 3 11:38:23 EST 1995

I attended a meeting last night where information was being
presented on a food supplement line.  Part of the presentation
involved the use of a 1000X microscope hooked to a TV to show the
components of human live blood.  During the presentation, the
various components of the volunteers' live blood was identified &
     I would like to solicit the people who use microscopes for a
living that visit this group to answer the following as it
pertains to the area of nutritional counseling:
1.  How much in general can one diagnose using live blood
analysis? Not that I assume that other testing is not needed.
2.  One observes red blood cells for example, can you by sight
determine a condition such as iron deficiency or any other need?
3.  If you observe irregularly shaped red blood cells (not dead)
as opposed to perfectly round, can you determine the cause, ie
free radical damage?
4.  Should you encounter things like candida or l-form bacteria
or rod form bacteria, etc., can you make a determination on why
they are there?  ie, too much sugar intake.
5.  Upon the intake of certain food supplements, could a trained
technician, revisit the same person's blood, and make a
determination if that food supplement had helped a previous
problem?  For example, if large amounts of uric acid crystals
were present before & now are gone or previously the red blood
cells stuck together but now flowed freely & apart?
     The reason I offer this group of questions is, if there are
valid ways to use this technology to identify nutritional needs
and response to intake of those supplements, this might be a
valuable screening & compliance tool for primary health care
professionals to use with patients of all types.  E-mail response
would be greatly appreciated.  thanks, a.j.

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