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Scott A. Robson (scott at wrote:
: Anyone heard of tricine buffer (pH 8.4) What is it?

: Any info appreciated
: 				Scott

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	Tricine is a buffer that you can buy from Sigma or other such
places.  People use it in SDS slab gels in place of glycine.
Sometimes thes gels are called Schagger gels, I think.  When you use
this technique, you need much less acrylamide for the gel and/or you
can resolve proten bands that are much smaller than what you could see
in the standard (Laemmli) gel system using tris-glycine.  For example,
subunits as small as 4,000 daltons I think.  It also helps if your
subsequent work would be interfered with by glycine, as it would be if
you wanted an amino acid analysis of a band isolated from the gel.  

	The way it works has to do with how easily the stacked protein
bands "de-stack" when they enter the separating gel.  Tricine lets
this happen easily, whereas with glycine, you need a very high
acrylamide gel concetntration to get the small proteins to unstack.  A
company called Novex has a very nice description of this method and
its advantages.  Their phone is (800)456-6839 or (619)452-6634.  

	Good Luck with it...

			Steve Driska

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