PKC inhibitor chelerythrine chloride

Mon Apr 3 13:32:39 EST 1995

I have been using the PKC inhibitor chelerythrine chloride recently, as 
well as two other PKC inhbitors which bind to the DAG regulatory site.  
Chelerythrine inhibits PKC by binding to the active site.  Recently it 
came to my attention that PKC can also be activated by arachidonic acid 
(AA).  I have the following questions:

Does chelerythrine inhibit all PKC isoforms?

Are there specific PKCs that can be activated only by either AA or DAG; or 
are PKC isoforms activated by both AA and DAG?

If there are specific PKC isoforms which are only activated by AA or DAG 
does chelerythrine only inhibit one set of isoforms, or does 
chelerythrine inhibit both set of PKCs?

All and any information that is known about this will be appreciated.  I 
have not had any luck in finding out the answers to my questions through 
literature searches on Medline.

Thank you for your help and advice.


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