-fos OnCoGeNe

ShereKhan mjg5 at ukc.ac.uk
Mon Apr 3 12:06:12 EST 1995

Yo people.  I have a little request for information from anyone who studies cancer genes
including their expression and regulation.  Specifically I have to write an essay on
basically every important piece of information there is to know about this fos oncogene.
Obviously I have undertaken my own research using journal database references but
because this is the first time I have studied oncogenes and their link to cancer, the
topic is still rather vague.  
Specific questions I have are:
1) How exactly are oncogenes likned to cancer?
2) What is fosB?
3) Are there any good references for the structure of the c-fos gene? (journal or text)
4) Does the method of fos regulation differ depending on what cell type it originates from?
5) Is the v-fos gene involved in causing cancers arrising from viral infections?

If anyone out there has answers to these questions and also if there is anyone out there 
who can give me useful information either first hand or reference form then please don't
hessitate to mail me or reply to this news group!

Much appreciated fellow scientist dudes.


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