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Thu Apr 6 07:41:42 EST 1995

gillotte at EARTH.MEDCOLPA.EDU wrote:
: >> I am looking for information, pertaining to the subject of the cloning 
: >> process. If any one has such info, or knows where I could find it on the 
: >> net, I would be greatfull!
: >> Please E-mail me at:T.PAGE at
: > 
: > Cloning what?
: > Cells, genes, plants, frogs?
: > 
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: > Live forever or die trying
: > 
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: for example, if you want to clone frogs, arrange for a male and female to meet
: in water, play little romantic music (Mozart)and wait.  If you properly set up
: your experiment, after awhile, you will have many clones (frogs).

: First try this, the next time I will give you the protocol for cells or genes
: if really you are interested.
Hang on a minute there, I was under the impression that clones were genetically
identical. That is certainly the way the term was used when I did genetics
last year. What you have described is sexual reproduction which does NOT
produce identical offspring; that's the whole point-or are frogs different?


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