urchin images / key data needed for MBL webserver

James L. Olds olds at mbl.edu
Thu Apr 6 16:36:55 EST 1995


We're putting together a web page(s) for the MBL Webserver. This is 
primarily for some TV footage that will be shot in my Bethesda lab in 
late April. I really need digital contributions of any sort relating to 
sea urchins, eggs etc. So....if you have some great giff's lying around 
that you'd like to see out there getting some serious publicity....please 
give me an email.

Thanks in advance!

James L. Olds Ph.D.;internet: olds at mbl.edu
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA. 02543
PGP 2.62 public key upon request or at

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