Human chromosome 1 - probes

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Sun Apr 9 04:34:37 EST 1995

In article <aforus-060495160810 at>, aforus at (aforus) writes:
> Is there anybody out there that posesses any probes mapping to the 1q21-q23
> region of human chromosome 1 ? cDNA, anonymous DNA segments (D-probes), 
> cosmid clones, YACs - everything will be of interest. PLEASE contact me if
> you can help ! Anne

Jeff Murray, at the U of Iowa runs a key genome mapping centre, 
with a specialist interest (and a large collection of ch1 
microsatellite sequences) in chromosome 1.  He has several email 
addresses - I'm not sure if this one is current:

	jmurray at



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