Need guests for radio show

John Leslie 74740.247 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Apr 10 18:23:40 EST 1995

I am the executive producder of a three hour Saturday morning 
syndicated radio program called "World Radio Weekend."  It is a 
three hour live invterview program with interesting guests from 
all walks of life.  The most interesting guests we have had are 
those people who are not professional radio guests (Like authors 
and politicians).  Just regular people who do something 
interesting or have a special interest of any kind.  It is 
non-confrontational and each interview lasts about 10 minutes.  
We pay the phone charges of course.  If you are interesting or 
know somebody who is, please E-mail me.  We will try to responde 
to each mail.  Our host, John Leslie is an award winning talk 
show host and interviewer.  He has originated radio programs from 
all over the world.

Brian Smith
Executive Producer
"World Radio Weekend"

Jan L Kokochak

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