HELP: Growth Factors

a.vijayan ort020 at
Wed Apr 12 06:00:03 EST 1995

T. S. Grewal (sasgrewl at wrote:

: Hi there,
:  I'm looking at the expression of various growth factors in
: bovine tissues. Can someone help me and point out
: where I can obtain:

: 1) Antibodies to EGF, PDGF, CSF-I and TGF-b
: 2) DNA probes for the above to look at mRNA levels

: If you have any of these reagents I would be 
: grateful for your help.

: Thanking you all in advance.


In U.K I think Kennedy Research Institute, London is one of the well known place
for this type of work. If you contact Dr T.M Bailey there he may be able to help
you. Jeny Tyler is also well known for this kind of work, but I do not have her
address. You can easily get her address from one of her publications.
In America Lilly Research Institute is widely known for work cytokine/growth
factor research on bovine/human cartilage tissues. Also, contact Dr. Stewrt
Ralston from Medical School, Aberdeen (T.P:+1224-681818), Scotland. He may be
able to help you or give you more information.

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