Genes and alleles?

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>: Hi, 
>: I am currently doing an assignment on genetics at school, and one of the   
>: questions asks to explain the relationship between genes and alleles.   
>: Does anyone know what the relationship is? 
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>Any genetics text will explain this, probably in chapter two or three. 

erm, Ok.

A gene is a length with a DNA molecule that codes for one protein.
Organisms that have more than two sets of chromosomes such as us therefore have
more than one set of each individual gene.  Each copy of the same gene is called
an allele, and these may differ slightly due to mutations.  Such differences
in alleles of a gene lead to there being dominant and recessive variations
of such alleles, a simple example being eye colour.  Text books are as Sharon
put it quite useful on the subject though.


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