avascularity of cartilage??

ayg0003 at queens-belfast.ac.uk ayg0003 at queens-belfast.ac.uk
Sat Apr 29 13:04:10 EST 1995

We have been working on the factors governing angiogenesis in the 
developing limb and would like know if anyone has any ideas on what
maintains the avascularity of cartilage. There are some old references
to an anti invasion factor, others to TGF-B, hyaluronan and TIMPs
but no definitive answer. Is it simply that no-one knows or have
we missed something completely. I would appreciate any ideas you
might have on this topic. Thanks.

Mark Aitkenhead
School of Biomedical Science/Anatomy
The Queens University of Belfast
Northern Ireland
Email M.Aitkenhead at qub.ac.uk

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