Hypertension headaches?

Sunil Khemaney syama at delphi.com
Tue Aug 8 13:14:37 EST 1995

We're wondering if there is a simple way to recognize
hypertension caused headaches?  Fairly often (about once every
couple of weeks), David (48 years old) gets headaches and notices
that his blood pressure is elevated during these occasions.  He
can actually feel and hear his heart pounding (faster and
stronger) when he goes to sleep because he wears earplugs to bed. 
Could these headaches be caused by hypertension and what steps
can a person take to determine this?

He notices that if he takes a cold shower or bath upon waking
when he has this elevated blood pressure, it'll make his headache
worse or it will cause a flash of a headache for about 5 minutes
if there wasn't one to begin with.

Being vegetarian, his blood pressure is fairly low to begin with
(approx. 110/70) but on the days he has headaches, it goes up to
130/88 (it doesn't go much higher than that--maybe 10 points at
the most.)  His pulse rate is normally between 64 to 70 per
minute.  These are measurements taken first thing in the morning
prior to eating.

There is no hereditary incidence of hypertension in David's life. 
He does lead a somewhat sedentary life filled with stress.  

David's diet is somewhat high in potassium (he consumes bananas,
potato soup, carrot and apple juice, etc. on a daily basis.)  Is
there any significance or connection with this to his problems?

Any advice will be much appreciated.

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