HT-29 cell transfection

Gill Diamond gdiamond at njmsa.UMDNJ.EDU
Wed Aug 9 13:54:50 EST 1995

cfisher at INTNET.UPJ.COM writes:

>We're attempting to introduce DNA into HT-29 cells with Lipofectamine
>without much success.  Has anyone out there used Lipofectamine
>with HT-29 cells with any success?  

I've heard that it only works with electroporation.  Indeed, we've gotten 
it to work that way.  (Unfortunately we've run into some problems with 
that, too.  So if anyone has any suggestions on how to better transfect 
HL-60s, I'd be happy to hear them.)  I can send the conditions I used 
(back when it worked) if you need.
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