Postdoc in cardiac molecular biology

Charles Murry murry at
Thu Aug 10 00:36:33 EST 1995

Seeking a postdoctoral fellow to explore mechanisms of cardiac regeneration
after myocardial infarction.
Current efforts include: 1) Adenoviral transfer of myogenic 
determination genes to induce muscle differentiation in cardiac 
fibroblasts in vitro and in vivo; 2) Skeletal myoblast transplantation 
into healing heart lesions; and 3) Cardiac myoblast transplantation into 
healing heart lesions.

Future studies will include 1) Genetic manipulation of skeletal myoblasts 
to promote electrical and mechanical coupling with cardiocytes; 2) 
Generation of proliferation-competent ventricular myocytes; 3) Study of 
molecules that promote differentiation of cardiac muscle from embryonal 
carcinoma cells. 

Qualifications:  The ideal candidate will have a doctorate with a good 
publication record and experience in either cell and molecular biology 
or cardiac physiology. Willingness to work on a cross-disciplinary project 
involving both molecular biology and physiology is required.  Existing 
funding (unfortunately) is only for U.S. citizens or permanent residents.  
I am willing to explore other possibilities for funding exceptional candidates.

The position will be funded for 2-3 years at the NIH pay scale.  
Excellent benefits are provided.  Women and minorities are encouraged to 

Address inquiries and submit CVs to:

Charles E. Murry, MD, PhD
Department of Pathology
Box 357335
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
phone: (206) 543-7483
fax:   (206) 685-3662
e-mail: murry at

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