chromatin condensation and cleavage--#2

Mon Aug 14 12:04:34 EST 1995

see also Earnshaw, nuclear changes in apoptosis, Current Opinions
in Cell Biology 7#3:  337-343
Walker et all Biochem Cell Biology 72: 615-623 (1994)
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In article <40ld4r$fio at> lhe at (Lihua He) writes:
>Dear Netters:
>We had a vote on the following question in a group meeting and we got a tie, so
>could you please help us.
>The question is: does chromatin cleavage occur earlier or later than chromatin
>condensation during apoptosis?
>Is there any difference between chromatin condensation of an apoptotic cell and
>of a normal cell cycle?
>Lihua He
>University of Houston

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