help: cytospins from mouse hematopoietic cells

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Mon Aug 14 18:12:56 EST 1995

In article <h-petrie-0208950847590001 at>, h-petrie at (Howard T. Petrie) says:
>We would like to make good cytospins from mouse hematopoietic cells
>(mainly lymph node, bone marrow, and blood) for morphology and
>immunohistochemistry.  Some years back, I used to do this with human cells
>with good results, but now our slides appear uneven in distribution, and
>the cells themselves are distorted.  Does anyone have any insights (or a
>methodological reference) as to which parameters are critical, i.e.,
>speed, time, sample volume, sample concentration, serum concentration,
>etc.?  Responses can be posted here or sent by e-mail to
>h-petrie at  Thanks.

All those factors are important:  but I would first try limiting the rotor
speed to generate 500 x g or less and spin for no more than 3-4 min.  
Also, try to limit the volume to about 100 microliters.

Good luck

Mike Roper

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