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Bronwyn Venus <venusb> wrote:

>On 9 Aug 1995 salmen at ING.ULA.VE wrote:

>>  Hi
>>  Does anyone could inform me about where to find information on 
>> Cell proliferation determination without any radiactive mterials?
>>  I wold like to substitute for ever the H3 using.
>Dear Colleague

>You should investigate MTT and XTT assay protocols, bothe commercially 
>available if you have money to purchase.  I have used both protocols 
>satisfactorily.  Please E-mail directly for references if required.

There is one caveat to the use of MTT.  Since this dye is reduced by
mitochondria, this assay really measures the metabolic capacity of the
culture.  Therefore treatments that alter mitochondrial activity (eg.
inhibition of electron transport by NO) may influence MTT conversion without
changes in cell number.

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