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I think these are all Linnaean species. If so, the proper form should be
Homo sapiens L. if Linnaeus's name for the species is still legitimate,
and Homo sapiens (L.)  if his description is recognized but the name has
since legally changed.  The rules follow the International Commission on
Zoological Nomenclature.  I don't understand the question marks in your


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Zongmin Zhou <c516565 at> wrote:
>Hi net:
>	It sounds like an elementary question. Does anyone know who were the 
>first one classified the following species?
>Human (Homo sapiens)
>Dog (Canis familiaris)
>Cat (Felis catus)
>Cattle (Bos taurus) ?
>Sparrow (Passer domesticus) ?
>mouse (Mus musculus)
>and how to put those authorities after those species if you have to 
>mention once or twice in your paper?

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