Computer Virus from American Cancer Society diskette

Young Whang ywhang at
Sat Aug 26 14:25:07 EST 1995

ywhang at (Young Whang) wrote:
>I want to warn the research community about a possibility of a computer virus 
>from a research grant application diskette from American Cancer Society.  My 
>computer got infected with a boot sector virus called NYB when I accidentally 
>booted my computer with this diskette that I obtained from UCLA Office of 
>Contracts and Grants.  Subsequently, this virus was found on diskettes given 
>to other researchers by this Office.  I hear that this virus is on the 
>original diskette they received from ACS before they copied and distributed 
>through out UCLA.  Therefore, there is a possibility that other institutions 
>may have received infected diskettes from ACS.  This virus is easily detected 
>and cleaned by software available by downloading from
>and download       
>You need an unzipping application to run this program.  It is also available 
>in the same area.
>Hope nobody else suffers like I did.  It played havoc with my computer for a 
>while until I found and removed the virus.  Just beware
>Young Whang, MD, PhD
>Division of Hematology-Oncology, Dept of Medicine
>UCLA School of Medicine

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