Hyaluronic acid?

CK NG CNG at irp30.nidr.nih.gov
Wed Aug 30 16:00:48 EST 1995

> Hi Folks,
>         I am trying to get to a quick efficient lysis method for Gram+ bacteria 
> like Listeria from food and other environmental samples and I don't want to use 
> the conventional phenol/chloroform method.I have tried different things like 
> lysozyme etc. Does anybody have experience with cell lysis with Hyaluronic acid 
> and/or acromopeptidase? Any help/suggestions would be great. Thanks
> Richa
You cannot lyse bacteria with hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan. This is a
polymeric glycosaminoglycan which is made up of N-acetylglucosamine-
glucuronic acid disaccharide repeating unit.

Actually, some bacteria strains make tons of hyaluronan.

I suspect you will have better luck with some peptidase or chemical lysis.


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