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>I am looking for a simple histological stain to show nuclei of 
>fixed cultured cells.  I can think of a fluorescent stain, Hoechst 33258, 
>but would prefer to use an ordinary light microscope.

The easiest is toluidine blue, 0.2% in approx. 1% acetic acid to
give a pH of about 4.  Fix the cells by immersion for a few minutes
in 95% ethanol-5% acetic acid. Rinse in 70% alcohol, then in water.
Stain for a couple of minutes.  Wash in water and CHECK WITH A
MICROSCOPE.  Rinse in 1% acetic acid if overstained, then wash again 
in water. If the substrate is plastic, apply a coverslip, using a
neutral aqueous mounting medium.  Otherwise, air-dry thoroughly and
apply a coverslip with a resinous mounting medium.

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