Apoptosis vs necrosis

David Ward Rusnak dwr9025 at glaxo.com
Thu Aug 31 11:50:29 EST 1995

Hi all,

Time for a seemingly stupid and simple question but stupid questions are
much easier to handle than stupid mistakes, so.........

I'm looking for good positive control for necrosis to compare with a
compound that causes apoptosis on about an 8-24 hr time course.  There's a
million ways to kill a cell but what is the simplest and best, given this
time frame.  I will be using flow cytometry parameters to define

I'm thinking about alkaline or acid shock or maybe heat shock.  I want to
stay away from organics because I will do PI exclusion as one marker and
don't want the complication of "permeabilizing" cells vs actualling
causing necrosis.


David Rusnak

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