First International Congress on Hepatocytes

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Mon Dec 11 18:25:24 EST 1995

Posted on behalf of Dr. Frank Gaunitz, local organizing committee.

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The first International Congress on Hepatocytes -
Applications in Cell Biology, Toxicology and Medicine

will take place on September 25-28 1996 at Tuebingen, Germany.
The conference will address a number of topics related to research
in the field of biochemistry and cell biology of hepatocytes and
liver function, including

Metabolic perfomance and heterogeneity
Drug metabolism and in vitro toxicology
Growth control and apoptosis
New applications of hepatocytes (genetic engineering; bioreactors)

Interested researchers are invited to browse the web pages at:

Please email Frank Gaunitz at gaunitz at for further
Information or to be added to the mailing list for the
second announcement.

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