Mechanical low-speed centrifuge

Tue Dec 12 12:29:27 EST 1995

In article <4a7ch2$9rt at nntp.Stanford.EDU>, thatsu at (thatsu) writes:
>Hi all:
>Is anybody aware of the avilability of a mechanical low-speed
>centrifuge for separating serum from blood? It's needed in an
>environment without electricity.
>Thanks for your help.
  I think you can do this reasonably well in a low-tech way, although the
throughput is low.  Put a couple of holes throught the upper part of a sock; 
thread a strong string or rope through it and tie to one end.  Place the sealed
tube of coagulated blood in the sock and whirl it around your head as fast as
possible.  I've never done it, but have been told it works if you spin fast for
quite a while.

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