Anti-FKBP12 Antibody

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Wed Dec 13 10:08:04 EST 1995

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> >I am looking for a source for "anti-FKBP12 antibody". Does anyone know

We cannot help you with anti-FKBP12, however, we do offer a number of other 
immunophilin (and related) antibodies that may be of use to you, including 
FKBP59, Cyclophilin A, Cyclophilin C, Cyclophilin 40, NF-ATc1, Calcineurin B 
and Calmodulin antibodies.  If you are interested, you can see all of our 
products at our web site at

Good luck with your search.

James Stiehr
Affinity Bioreagents, Inc.

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